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Changes in the body throughout pregnancy will create a variety of new stresses that tissues have to adapt to. During this time, a variety of aches and pains may occur. Movement patterns will also alter throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. Our providers at Charlotte Sports Performance and Rehab have taken several pre and post partum specific courses to ensure proper care is being provided throughout gestation and after giving birth. If you have have had a baby, you will always be post partum. Our progressive rehab program is encouraged to women who are preparing for the athletic event that is birth and to those who are in the first year post partum. We encourage our patients that nothing is “normal” after having a baby. It is not normal to have leakage occur with exercise just because you had a baby. It is not normal to have lower back pain or numbness around your epidural site ever since giving birth. It is not normal to have neck and upper back pain because you are breast feeding. If you experience any of these symptoms, weather you had a baby 4 weeks ago or 10 years ago, we are here to help.

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