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While our in office visits are extremely hands-on in nature, we are also available to provide extremely effective care via Telehealth Visits. At Charlotte Sports Performance and Rehab, we utilize a HIPPA Compliant program to bring our services where ever you need us. This could include a video visit while you are away on vacation and experiencing a flare up of your condition or even a New Patient screening and evaluation for a loved one who does not live in the Greater Charlotte Area. 

Starting with taking a complete health history of current complaints and creating patient specific goals for care, we can assist the patient in completing a movement screen via video. Once a diagnosis and treatment is addressed, your provider will discuss your treatment options. From here, many of our protocols can all be followed via virtual visits and providers can give at home exercises with proper cuing in real time.

Our patients know our home care regimen is what helps to keep you out of pain. With new technology, our providers are able to be easily accessed from where ever you need. If a referral is needed, CSPR has a large network of providers around the country and world and will be happy to point you in the right direction. Call us today to get on the schedule!

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